Welcome to our first blog

6 years ago | by

First date jitters!

We are excited to introduce you to our first blog post on our brand new website. Lots of thank yous, especially to Libby from  Bold Marketing for her expertise, professionalism, and ability to always steer us in the right direction and keep us up to speed in today’s landscape. And to the team at Coast Studios, just what we were looking for, a local company, friendly, creative and innovative, with the latest technology and great to work with. Jimmy, big thanks for your patience.

Writing and working together on this website was like, OK, here we go! First date jitters.  Do we look ok? Will they understand what we are trying to say?  Hope they can see we are genuine? Will they like us and follow our social pages? Will they call again?

We don’t want you to get overwhelmed or be without inspiration. We want casual, informative, and fun to be around – yes I think we made it. That’s our website.

So here goes, the first but definitely not the last.